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Child development in Africa: Views from inside

Project Participants: 

Robert Serpell (Zambia), Kofi Marfo (Ghana, USA, Kenya), Amina Abubakar (Kenya), John Ng’asike (Kenya, Jacob Marriote Ngwaru (Zimbabwe, Tanzania), Beatrice Matafwali (Zambia) 

Contact Information: 

 Serpell, R. & Marfo, K.(Eds.) (2014) Child development in Africa:Views from inside. New Directionsfor Child and Adolescent Development, 146.

This volume contains chapters by

Amina Abubakar (Kenya) on Biomedical Risk, Psychosocial Influences and Developmental Outcomes: Lessons from the Pediatric HIV Population

John Ng’asike (Kenya) on African Early Childhood Development Curriculum and Pedagogy for Turkana Nomadic Pastoralist Communities of Kenya                                    

Jacob Marriote Ngwaru (Zimbabwe, Tanzania) on Promoting children’s sustainable access to early schooling in Africa: Reflections on the roles of parents in their children’s early childhood care and education           

Beatrice Matafwali & Robert Serpell (Zambia) on Design and Validation of Assessment Tests for young children in Zambia

and by the Editors (Robert Serpell (Zambia) & Kofi Marfo (Ghana, USA, Kenya) on

Some long-standing and emerging research lines in Africa, and

Some growth points in African child development research.





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