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Managing transcultural conflicts in organisations

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  ”Managing transcultural conflicts in

Claude-Hélène Mayer
and Christian Martin Boness


The demand for videos and training materials on
managing conflict across cultures in organisations has grown significantly in the
21st century. Understanding and respecting cultural differences has
become a critical skill in the workplace.

The film directors have constructed a set of
useful multimedia tools to assist the trainer, lecturer and self-learner to
improve transcultural competencies, transcultural conflict resolution and
communication across members of different cultural groups in organisations.

This DVD package includes two DVD discs, one
PAL format DVD and a second Data DVD.

The DVD contains a complete set of edited video
scenarios. It also includes PowerPoint Programs which have been created using
the video material. The combination of video slides and video scenario excerpts
highlight specific competencies in the transcultural work environment. The
tools are designed in such a way as to allow anyone who is competent in
creating PowerPoint presentations to adapt the material to suit their specific


The film is a must for mediators, conflict
managers, trainer in intercultural and international communication contexts,
professionals in the field of cultural sciences, social sciences, organisation
studies, organisational development, international management, conflict
resolution and mediation, teachers and lecturers at the university, university
of applied sciences and college.

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