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Cultural psychology

Steven J. Heine

W. W. Norton
US$60 (pb)
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Culture and Human Nature

Chapter 2; Cultural Evolution

Chapter 3: Methods for Studying Culture and Psychology

Chapter 4: Development and Socialization

Chapter 5: Self and Personality

Chapter 6: Motivation

Chapter 7: Morality, Religion, and Justice

Chapter 8: Emotions

Chapter 9: Cognition and Perception

Chapter 10: Mental and Physical Health

Chapter 11: Interpersonal Attraction, Close Relationships, and Groups

Chapter 12: Living in Multicultural Worlds
From the publisher:

Steven J. Heine, a leading figure in cultural psychology, offers the first contemporary, broad-based global treatment of this exciting field. Writing in a clear and engaging voice, Professor Heine builds his text around many of psychology's most enduring questions about our identities, motivations, emotions, and relationships. The text incorporates examples from around the world and from everyday life to make the material relevant to a wide range of students. Research methods are emphasized throughout in order to demonstrate how cultural psychologists study the close-knit relationship between culture and the ways we think and behave. Three unique chapters bring an interdisciplinary dimension to the text, examining cultural evolution, mental health, and morality from the perspective of cultural psychology.

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