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Early Career Award

Early career researchers’ contributions are critical for the health and growth of cross-cultural psychology. Their research inspires not only more established researchers, but also sets a standard of excellence and provides examples for aspiring researchers.  An Award for Early Career Contributions to Cross-Cultural Psychology has been established to honor researchers at an early stage of their careers for their outstanding contributions to knowledge generation, dissemination and application for cross-cultural psychology primarily through research, but also through teaching of cross-cultural psychology and service to the field given the available opportunities.


1. No more than 10 years since the conferral of PhD degree or equivalent on the application due date (Feb. 28, 2018)

2. Membership of IACCP at the time of nomination and conferral of award.


One award may be given every two years during a Biennial Congress.

The award consists of the following:

1. A certificate and a grant of USD1500 to contribute to the cost of attendance at the Congress at which the award is given, as well as a waiver of the Congress registration fee.

2. Recipient’s contribution to cross-cultural psychology is to be featured and publicized in a suitable forum of IACCP.

3. Recipient must attend the Congress and give a plenary presentation, which is to be scheduled at a suitable time during the Congress.

Application Procedure

To nominate an awardee, a nominator must electronically submit the following items to the chair person of the Award Selection Committee chair.

1. letter of nomination by a member of the IACCP (two pages maximum length). The nominator may not be the nominee’s former supervisor. ) The letter should state the nominator’s relationship with the nominee, and reasons for nomination including the nominee’s most notable contributions to cross-cultural psychology. Please use the form attached.

2. A brief biography of the nominee (500 words maximum length).

3. The nominee’s current vita including the past educational history, employment history, prior awards or honors received, and full list of publications.

4. No more than five reprints representative of the nominee's contributions.

5. Supporting materials (two pages maximum) to document the nominee’s contribution to the teaching of and service to cross-cultural psychology. They normally take the form of documented activities such as the provision of workshops, organization of symposia, development of extensive teaching materials, publication of textbooks, and the like. Supporting letters written by an appropriate person from the nominee’s institution (e.g., department head) are also considered.

6. Submit applications to Fons van de Vijver at Fons.vandeVijver@uvt.nl


February 28, 2018

Award Selection Committee (2013-2014)

Fons van de Vijver, President
Debbie Best, Editor of JCCP
Andrew Ryder, EC member
Gabriel Horenczyk, EC member

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