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Appreciating diversity – culture and gender issues

Aneta Chybicka & Maria Kaźmierczak (Eds.)

Oficyna Wydawnicza "Impuls”
One or more of the authors is a member of IACCP: 


 A significant factor in determining interpersonal relationships acros cultures is gender. It can have great importance to be able to understand how culture influences gender role expectations, marital satisfaction or the managing of conflicts in close relationships. Among the twelve chapters, seven are related to the psychological tasks that cultural diversity poses and five to close interpersonal relationships and their cross-cultural aspects. The reader can learn, among others things, about Tibetan refugees in India, German expatriates in China, immigrants in rural Canada, Polish young adults' perception of conflicts in close relationships in Poland, France and Spain. 

Part 1

Cultural Diversity

John W. Berry, Saba Safdar

Psychology of Diversity: Managing Acculturation and Multiculturalism in Plural Societies 

Kealee Playford, Saba Safdar

A Comparison of Various Conceptualizations of Acculturation and the Prediction of Adaptation of International Students

Aneta Chybicka

Assimilation and Integration as Different Acculturation Strategies Related to the Level of Well-being of Tibetan Refugees in India  

Saba Safdar, Anthony M. Fuller, John Rees Lewis

Beyond the City Limits: An Examination of Adjustment among Immigrants in Rural Canada  

Karolina Mazurowska

Developing Intercultural Sensitivity: The case of German Expatriates in China  

Hermann-Guenter Hesse

Dealing with Diversity: Culture Specific Intercultural Competence in the Classroom  

Paulina Petrus, Katarzyna Chojnacka, Anna Konopacka-Rzepiak

Rime and Onset Productivity by Polish Elementary School Children Obtaining Mono- and Bilingual Reading Acquisition  

Part 2

Gender and Relations

Sowan Wong, Robin Goodwin

Predicting Marital Satisfaction across Cultures

Maria Kazmierczak

Gendered Personality – Cultural Influences

Urmila Pillay, Robin Goodwin

Culture as a Moderator in the Relationship between Values and Social Support

Anna Kwiatkowska, Joanna Roszak

Cultural Factors in Perception of Conflicts in Close Relationships: A Cross-cultural Study

Aneta Chybicka, Smita Sinha

Do We Really Differ or We Just Assume So? Female Gender Role in Close Relation in Poland and India

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