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Historical List of IACCP Conference Keynote Speakers


Melbourne, Australia - 2010 International Congress

Name Title
Heidi Keller (Presidential Address) Future prespectives for cross cultural psychology. Some considerations of developmental psychologist. 
Alan Fiske What's universal and what's culturally specifc in the consititution of social relationships?
Steven Heine The weirdest people in the world: The inductive challenge for psychology.
David Matsumoto Culture, emotion, and expression: New empirical findings and theoretical advances.
Daphna Oyserman  Culture as situated cognition. 


Buea, Cameroon - 2009 Africa Region Conference

Name Title
Heidi Keller Lessons from Africa, revisited. Ecopsychological pathways of development.
William K. Gabrenya, Jr.  IACCP, the universe, and everything: Who are we? Where did we come from? What next?
Peter Smith  Extending the span of cross-cultural psychology: Identity motives and influence process in cultural context.
Andre Emtcheu Approches comparatives et interculturelles du developpement des indicateurs moraux c hez les jeunes dans trois zones culturelles dui Cameroun: Le Nord, I'Ouest et la Zone de Foret.
Deborah Best & Katherine McKee Studies of gender in Africa
Pierre Dasen Emique et etique: Vers une convergence dans l'etude des styles cognitifs.
Therese Mungah-Shalo Tchombe Cognitive development and education: 4-11 years old
Pawel Boski Cultural factors in person perception.: Lessons from Nigerian studies in the 1980s.
Oumar Berry  Pourquoi les petits enfants africains des villages echouent-ils aux tests cognitifs?
Robert Serpell Negotiating the middle ground in cross-cultural research. 
Gakuba Theogene-octave Vulnedrabilite et resilience de l'enfant a l'ecole en Afrique
Mohamadou Sall Ethnicite et gestion de la confiance interpersonnelle chez les Senegalais
Andrew Mogaji Cultural diversity and African psychology: Themes and perspectives. 
Ronald Fischer  Is there value in value research? Re-examining the usefulness and stablitity of values for cultural research. 


Bremen, Germany - 2008 International Congress

Name Title
Susan Pick Applying psychology for human and social development: A Mexican example.
Marwan Dwairy A within-culture therapy.
Shinobu Kitayama & Heidi Keller Independence and interdependence: Developmental pathways and social behavior.
Elaine Hatfield & Richard Rapson Passionate love and sexual desires: Cross-cultural and historical perspectives. 
James Georgas How different and similar are families across cultures?: A 30 nation psychological study.
Harry Triandis  Self-deception across cultures.
Evert van de Vliert Cracking climate-culture codes: An overview.
Sara Harkness & Charles M. Super Parental ethnotheories and the (re)production of culture. 
Bernhard Nauck The family across cultures from a sociological and demographic perspective.
Gerda Lederer Political authoritarianism: Its significance in different cultures and over time.
Chi-Yue Chiu Performance forecast in high versus low occupational mobility.
Nalini Ambady Culture and interpersonal perception.
Cigdem Kagitibasi Self and culture: Current perspectives.
Christian Welzel A Maslowian change in political culture: From allegiant to assertive publics.
Peter Smith Cross-cultural perspectives on organizational behaviour.
Gisela Trommsdorff Cross-cultural psychology in Germany
Erhabor S. Idemudia African immigration to Europe: Induced stress and psychological sequelae.
Ronald Inglehart Changing values and how societies evolve.
Patricia M. Greenfield Shifting pathways of child development: Linking sociocultural change and developmental change.


Isle of Spetses, Greece - 2006 International Congress

Name Title
Harry Triandis From Herodotus to cultural psychology.
Shalom Schwartz What explains societal differences in culture.
John Berry Acculturation strategies in ethnocultural groups and the larger society.
Fons Van De Vijver Is multiculturalism in jeopardy? A review of Dutch studies.
Heidi Keller Cultures of infancy. 
George Dellatolas  From the origins of reading and writing to dyslexia: A cross-cultural and historical view of some specific learning difficulties in children.
Rolando Diaz-Loving Culture, psychology's missing link: Insights from ethnopsychology.
John Adamopoulos From Homer to the 21st centrury: Charting the emergence of the structure of interpersonal meaning. 
Kwok Leung Recent advances of social axioms research. 


Xi'an, China - 2004 International Congress

Name Title
Marc H. Bornstein Patterns in parenting cognitions across acculturation.
Lutz H. Eckensberger Morality from a cultural psychology perspective.
James Georgas Children's intelligence: Are there cross-cultural differences?
Shinobu Kitayama Socialized attention: Implications for self and social behavior in varying cultural contexts.
Young-Shin Park & Uichol Kim Paths to academic achievement, delinquency and life-satisfaction: Longititudinal analysis of influences of psychological, relational, and cultural factors.
Kaiping Peng Culture and cognition in Chinese cultural contexts.
Carl Ratner The value of contextualism for cross-cultural psychology: A corrective to positivism.
Shalom H. Schwartz  Studying basic values: Recent theoretical developments, methodological advances, and findings.
Gisela Trommsdorff Cross-cultural aspects of parent-child relationships over the life span.
Susume Yamaguchi An indigenous approach to a possibily etic phenomenon: A case of Amae
Kuo-Shu Yang Indigenous psychology, Westernize psychology, and indigenized psychology: A non-Westernized psychologist's view. 


Yogyakarta, Indonesia - 2002 International Congress

Pultusk, Poland - 2000 International Congress

Name Title
Michael Bond (Presidential Address) Me, you, and the IACCP: Some social psychological reflections on organizational homebuilding.
Zygmunt Bauman Identification in the times of globalization.
Harry Triandis Dialects between cultural and cross-cultral psychology.
Hubert Hermans The increasing impact of dialogue on culture and self.
Krzysztof Gawlikowski Conflict and aggression in the Western and the East-Asian civilizations.
Jan B. Deregowski Limitations of cultural interpretations of cognitive phenomena. 
Gustav Jahoda The shifting sands of culture. 
Alastair Mundy-Castle Fifty years in Africa (plus or minus two): Reflections of a cross-cultural psychologist (with special reference to cultural differences in social and technological intelligence). 
Lutz Eckensberger Intentionality and self-reflectivity as key characteristics of humans: Consequences for a cross-cultural cultural psychologist. 


Bellingham, USA - 1998 International Congress

Name Title
John Berry Acculturation strategies: Theory, measurement, and application.
Sidney H. Irvine The health of nations and the abilities of mankind.
Wayne Holtzman Community psychology for family services in schools.
James and Jane Ritchie  Seventy five years of cross-cultural psychology in New Zealand.
Richard M. Suinn Primary health care: Expanding our services beyond mental health. 
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