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IACCP Constitution Draft

Dear IACCP Member,

The Executive Council of IACCP is pleased to present the new Constitution of the Association to IACCP members for examination and comment.  We have rewritten the 1992 Constitution in a process that has taken nearly two years.  The new Constitution was approved by the Executive Council at its meeting in Melbourne, Australia in July, 2010 and has been posted on the new IACCP website.

In line with the bylaws for amending the Constitution, after a 60-day comment period members will be asked to vote to approve the new Constitution.  The vote will commence on December 27, 2010.

A forum through which members can post comments and respond to each others’ comments has been created on the website.  You do not need to log into the website to view the Constitution, but you do need to log in to use the forum.

To log into the website, use this information:

Username: *|username|*
Password: *|password|*


Bill Gabrenya
IACCP Secretary-General

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