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Member Books

Title Year Author(s) Field(s)
Cross-Cultural Research Methods in Psychology 2010 David Matsumoto and Fons J. R. van de Vijver, Editors Culture, Psychology, Methodology
Development of Geocentric Spatial Language and Cognition: An Eco-cultural Perspective 2010 Pierre R. Dasen & Ramesh C. Mishra Developmental, Cognition, Linguistics
Lives across cultures: Cross-cultural human development (5th ed.). 2010 Harry Gardiner, & Corinne Kosmitzki Developmental
Oxford Handbook of Chinese Psychology 2010 Bond, M. H. (Ed.)
Fooling ourselves: Self-deception in politics, religion, and terrorism 2009 Harry C. Triandis Social, Political
Psychological Aspects of Social Axioms - Understanding Global Belief Systems 2009 Kwok Leung, Michael Harris Bond (Eds)
Climate, Affluence, and Culture 2009 Evert Van de Vliert
Cultural Intelligence: Living and Working Globally 2009 David C. Thomas & Kerr Inkson
Understanding Culture - Theory, Research, and Application 2009 Robert S. Wyer, Chi-yue Chiu, Ying-yi Hong (Editors)
Educational theory and practices from the majority world 2008 Pierre Dasen, & Abdel Jalil Akkari Education


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