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Member Books

First author Title Year Author(s) Field(s)
Segall What ARE We Talking About When We Talk About Race? 2010 Marshall Segall Social, Biology
Wyer Understanding Culture - Theory, Research, and Application 2009 Robert S. Wyer, Chi-yue Chiu, Ying-yi Hong (Editors)
Mayer The witch who lost her marbles 2016 Mayer
Mayer The Value of Shame: Exploring a Health Resource in Cultural Contexts 2017 Elisabeth Vanderheiden & Claude-Helene Mayer
Church The Praeger Handbook of Personality across Cultures 2017 A. Timothy Church Personality
Benet-Martinez The Oxford Handbook of Multicultural Identity 2014 Veronica Benet-Martinez & Ying-Yi Hong Social, Personality, Acculturation, Immigration
Mayer The meaning of sense of coherence in transcultural management: A salutogenetic perspective on interactions in a selected South African business organisation 2011 Claude Helene-Mayer Management
Keith The Encyclopedia of Cross-Cultural Psychology 2014 Kenneth D. Keith General
Keller The Cultural Nature of Attachment: Contextualizing Relationships and Development 2017 Heidi Keller & Kim Bard Developmental
Wang The Autobiographical Self in Time and Culture 2013 Wang, Qi Developmental, Social
Bhawuk Spirituality and Indian psychology: Lessons from the Bhagavad-Gita 2011 Dharm P. S. Bhawuk Indigenous, Religion
Uskul Socio-Economic Environment and Human Psychology 2018 Ayse Uskul & Shigehiro Oishi Social
Sanderson Social Psychology, Canadian Edition 2012 Catherine Sanderson, & Saba Safdar Social
Karandashev Romantic Love in Cultural Contexts 2017 Victor Karandashev
Sussman Return Migration and Identity: A Global Phenomenon, A Hong Kong Case 2010 Nan M. Sussman Acculturation, Migration


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